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This website exists primarily for a few inconsequential reasons. Firstly, its a playground for me to experiment with new web design techniques, which sometimes are a little to edgy to attempt on other people’s websites. In its current iteration this includes support for things like HTML5 and CSS3, which aren’t universally supported by all browsers. Secondly, its a creative outlet which allows me to design according to my aesthetic whim without having to be concerned with other’s opinions. Lastly, its somewhat of soapbox that allows me to express sentiments which are longer 140 characters.


I write about a diverse set of topics ranging from my faith, profession, personal life, to topics concerning design, programming, technology, and communications. In my imagination the only people who are interested in my ramblings are my family and friends. If my writing sounds too familiar, this is why.

The Nitty Gritty

Lets talk about how I made this sucker, I know thats why your reading this anyway.

Web Standards

I’ve been web standards friendly since 2002. Having said that, the current manifestation of this website uses standards which are still being standardized. Namely, HTML5 and CSS3, which are the newest versions of their respective standards. All HTML validates as valid HTML5 (or should anyway), and appropriately outlines for maximum semantic value. All CSS validates as valid CSS3, with the exception of browser specific styles for webkit and mozilla which are necessary to implement some cutting-edge CSS properties.

Browser Support

As I’m using HTML5 and CSS3 extensively, I’m not going to lie, if you’re using a really old browser this site isn’t going to look too great. By really old browser, I am of course referring to the scourge of the Internet, Internet Explorer 6. If you are using IE6, and you have no valid excuse not to upgrade, then you deserve to see a mangled version of my site.

Content Management System

After bouncing around from Wordpress, to Textpattern, to some random small blogging engines, I’ve recently settled with Tumblr. Its fast, very easy to us, reliable, has many 3rd party clients to choose from, and a growing user community


I’m an amateur typophile, so I’ve spent some time trying to get the typography on this site just right. Most headlines are preferred “Gill Sans”, and the remainder of the site is preferred “Goudy Old Style”. If you don’t have these fonts you will see alternative similar fonts, such as Helvetica/Arial and Georgia. I haven’t implement @font-face on this site yet, but will soon.


All coding was done by hand in TextMate on Mac OSX. Minor graphic work, primarily the background, was done on Photoshop CS3. In order to rapidly expedite CSS development, the Compass sytlesheet authoring tool was extinsivly used in the mockup phase.


The following resources are used on this site, for which I’d like to give some shout outs.


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